Download anyone's Instagram photos in one click

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Instagram made me close it :( But it's now a free js available on github
@duplikey aw bummer. glad I downloaded when I did. great job.
@duplikey Yikes. Too bad they shut it down so quickly. A backup like this should be a built in feature of Instagram.
I'm also working on a small update to remove the 300 photos limitation
@lovethecool psyched in a good or bad way? :p
@duplikey psyched is always good. psycho, bad.
@lovethecool ops... I didn't know for sure, now I know :p
SO excited to see this, makes sharing my Instagram photos elsewhere A LOT easier. Thank you.
@nikkielizdemere you're very welcome! :)
Here I am. Just a bit of story... InstaTake is born because a friend of mine wanted to download all the pictures from an old instagram account which he didn't remember the password. I started to create a little script to automate it and then the idea of instatake came out! It's the only way to download pictures from instagram without any signup, software installation or other annoying step.
This is amazing! I've been wanting to delete a bunch of old images, but didn't want to lose them or, even worse, download them individually. Unfortunately I have over 800... wonder when we'll be able to download more than 300.
@lovethecool give me few days... that's not my job, it's just an experiment. I have a couple of ideas to remove the limit. I'll let you know ;)
@duplikey no pressure. believe me, love it as is. really cool. telling everyone
@lovethecool that's great! :)