Live slideshows based on Instagram hashtags

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Instashow is realtime slideshow by your Instagram tag. Guests tag photos made at event and it appears on large screen in realtime.

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Roman Khafizianov
Roman KhafizianovMaker@requilence · Integram, Instashow
Hi Product Hunters! The idea of Instagram slideshow came on my own wedding when I created the prototype that produced WOW-effect on guests 😳 So @ilzheev and decided to run with it. Just in time we found Wursify service on PH and integrate their beard-cluster™ with the Instashow. We're planning to add a lot of cool layouts and transitions in our next releases. ⭐️ Also we offer exclusive 35% discount for Product Hunters! Feel free to ask us any questions. 😉
Andrea Hernández
Andrea Hernández@iiiitsandrea · Founder, Pretty Eats
@requilence This is so cool, I like that it's geared for like weddings, family events vs. corporate. I had seen some programs that used like curated streams for fashion shows, brands and more business like before but this is cool!
Roman Khafizianov
Roman KhafizianovMaker@requilence · Integram, Instashow
@think_andreah Thanks for your feedback Andrea! We also provide Instashow for corp clients(cafes, hotels etc.) but individuals are topside
Ria Blagburn
Ria BlagburnHunter@riaface · Founder, GrowBeyond
A lot of people hosting events ask their attendees to use specific hashtags - this collates all photos with a certain hashtag and puts them into a nifty slideshow that you can display at your wedding/party/whatnot. As someone currently planning a wedding, I really like this idea!
VivekoMON@ivivekkm · Ninja, StartupCity
@riaface Only downside random NSFW images can show up with hastags and bots around :D
Roman Khafizianov
Roman KhafizianovMaker@requilence · Integram, Instashow
@ivivekkm yeah, that problem often appears with extremely popular tags. But not exist on a good fairly-unique hashtag that should be used for events.
Leroy Etienne
Leroy Etienne@etienne_l · co-founder, V360, sharalike
@requilence I wouldn't bet on that ;-) you know that drunk uncle that will think it is funny to display a big ass on big screen the day of your wedding. Or your classmate ( drunk as well) that will think it is fun to display an embarassing picture of your wife kissing her ex boyfriend . I think there shoudl at least be the option ( that can be a paying option ) to buffer the content and approve / disaprove.
Varun Goel
Varun Goel@goelv · Cofounder & Head of Product, Tripnary
@requilence it can happens, but you can add an option to moderate the content (premium feature) down the line. I wouldn't worry about that right now.
Roman Khafizianov
Roman KhafizianovMaker@requilence · Integram, Instashow
@etienne_l @goelv We tested a lot on our local market (here is Russia, bears, vodka, etc.). No any event has suffered from drunken uncle™. Even so we already have a post-moderation on all paid plans and also planning to release pre-moderation feature this month
Anton Ilzheev
Anton IlzheevMaker@ilzheev
Realtime Instagram slideshow motivates people to make photos on event & share it. Also Instashow is perfect solution for locations (such as restaurants, cafes, hotels). People share more photos made at location: it attracts new clients & makes brand more popular.
Taylor Edmiston
Taylor EdmistonHiring@kicksopenminds · Senior Software Engineer
I like that you've built in moderation and time filters. We haven't seen a lot of apps building services on top of Instagram's platform yet, so this is really exciting. At a meetup I attend regularly, they run similar (custom) software pulling tagged photos from Twitter to display on a project in the background. It gets a lot of attention. Side note: the Instagram API guidelines very explicitly prevent using "Insta" or "gram" in your third party product name.
Anton Ilzheev
Anton IlzheevMaker@ilzheev
@kicksopenminds Taylor, thanks for your feedback! We are going to add some new amazing features soon.
Francis Kim
Francis Kim@franciskim_co · Full Stack Human
Cool stuff, always thought of a product like this, you guys made it happen! Do follow through my profile and check out the app that I launched today too :)