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Access text from any image instantly.


Instashot is an iOS tool to help you access text from any image instantly.

2 Reviews
Douglas Evaristo
Mehdi Sqalli
 +8 reviews
  • Pros: 

    Works nicely for digitallog generated text


    Doesn't work for more general purpose tasks like converting handwriting

    It looks like they're using an OCR API such as MSFT's or Google's. I've tried using them in the past, unfortunately these apis are the not useful for a limited set of specific tasks. They rarely worked for more general tasks of the form "take image taken from phone, convert to text" at least not accurately especially from handwritten text

  • Stewart Alexander
    Stewart Alexanderstewalexander.com

    Converts text in pictures most of the time to text


    Doesn't work all the time, interface is kinda weird

    Great app for limited purposes, wish the OCR engine worked better, but in general its useful for storing things like SN or ISBN numbers

    Stewart Alexander has used this product for one year.