Instashot is an iOS tool to help you access text from any image instantly.

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It looks like they're using an OCR API such as MSFT's or Google's. I've tried using them in the past, unfortunately these apis are the not useful for a limited set of specific tasks. They rarely worked for more general tasks of the form "take image taken from phone, convert to text" at least not accurately especially from handwritten text


Works nicely for digitallog generated text


Doesn't work for more general purpose tasks like converting handwriting

Hey PHers, allow me to introduce our product - Instashot, an iOS tool to help you access text from any image instantly. We love to snap a photo or screenshot to capture information more than ever. However it’s still quite a hassle when you want to reuse the information within. Instashot is built to make it easier to do this. Instashot could recognize the 99% text from the photo in 5 different languages, eg, English, French, Mandarin, Spanish and German. Secondly, Instashot understands the information within the text, such as phone number, address, date, and hyperlink. So it may help you in the following cases: * Make a call from a photo of the name card. * Navigate to the destination from a screenshot you friend send to you. * Copy and share a quote from the book. * Search the lyrics from a screenshot of Spotify. We are excited to share with you v1.0 of the app. Meanwhile, the team is looking forward to any feedback.
@vincent_zhang this is actually the coolest thing to ever exist. i used to use online tools where you uploaded an image and it had to be processed. this is going to make life so much easier and i am so hyped to try this out !! :))
@vincent_zhang What a terrific app I wondered how this was different to TextGrabber but checking it out - thanks for making it free at the moment - I can see he huge benefit of being able to be able to access and click through to links. What I don't understand is the share feature - I tried sharing to email and it only looked to share the photo - not the extracted text which I had to manually add - perhaps you can share the benefit of the share as you have developed it? In the meantime I have shared it to some people in my network and added it to my collections here.
Thank you @itsmidnightyo, glad to hear this app could help you!
@krishnade, thanks for your feedback! We expect Instashot to be more than just an OCR app, but to solve more problems, like accessing the information in photos more easily. For the share feature, definitely, we will improve it according to your suggestion. Let us know if you have any other suggestions after you use it.
What are you using to detect text? Google text detection API?
@mark_beare, we use different OCR methods depending on different scenarios, i.e, languages. Google is currently part of our toolkit.
Terrific product, congratulations! Any plan to release API allowing a third party app using your text-recognition engine? Like: I send you a photo by API and you send me back in JSON the parsed text. Thanks
@guidoarata Vincent says here that they use Google's text detection API, so you could use that.
@guidoarata, Just as what Ryan suggested, you could try Google's API if you just need the OCR functions.
@vincent_zhang thanks I know this API, I was just wondering if you plan to release your: as far as I have understood you text recognition is a mixture of different approaches, APIs and algorithms, so I guess it's more qualitative than Google API alone. That's why I was curious
How does this differ than Evernote? In Evernote you can make phone calls from the captured image.
Hi, @shishir_ranjan. Compare to the note-taking tool, Instashot focus on understanding the image and access them instantly. Phone number just one of the cases. Welcome to try the app and you will find the difference. Thanks.