Share your photos to instagram from your mac

instashare is a beautiful way to share your photographs directly to instagram from your mac

simply drag and drop your image to the toolbar icon and share your photograph

First person to use code 'first!' get's to enjoy the app for free! Next 5 people can use code 'ph' to get $2 off the app, afterwards you can use code 'producthunt' for $1 off.

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1 Review5.0/5
Hey PH, I'm the creator of instashare. instashare started as a project for myself to have a quick and easy way to share images from my mac desktop to instagram without the hassle of transferring them to my phone first then sharing them After introducing the app to my cousin and others and seeing the positive feedback I naturally decided to share it with the world. Feel free to tweet me @christophior with any feedback! 😄 I have created coupon code 'first!' for the first person to try the app out for free, after that the next 5 people can use code 'ph' for $2 off then finally there's code 'producthunt' for $1 off the app. Thanks everyone and I appreciate the support.
Is this using an official API to post to Instagram? As far as I know Instagram does not allow 3rd parties to post via API.
@hermanschutte no this makes calls to the unofficial instagram web api which I believe is what instagram uses for their own website. While their own site doesn't make use of some of these endpoints they seem to still be exposed. I know previously you could just change the user agent of your browser in chrome and you could see the upload option but that was fixed a while ago. Looks like they just removed that 'hack' from their webview but left all the apis exposed.