A simple app to find Instagram photos and people around you.

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Hey Hunters! A while ago my friend @fran__sevillano and myself made this tiny app to find out what's going on around you or in your favorite spots of the planet, all through pictures from Instagram. One day we thought it would be nice to explore all the content Instagram has from a location perspective, so we built a basic-but-functional prototype ​during a weekend just for the fun of it. After a few days we found ourselves using that prototype pretty much every day and we thought that other people ​could find it fun as well, so we decided to share it with the world for free. The app is currently only available for iPhone, but an Android version is in the making (almost ready!) Give it a try and let us know what you think. Hope you guys like it!
@diegojimenez great idea I'm a little tired of busting my brain to think of local hashtags cool discovery idea
@andreanaomi777 @diegojimenez Thank you! Local discovery has been a pain for us too, that's why we built it. Let us know how it goes and what other features you would like it to have :)
Love this! A couple of feature ideas: 1) Layer a filter for total engagements on top of the map view, so you can see the stuff in the area that is most popular. 2) Layer a filter for time of post on top of the map view, so you can see what people post at different times of day. I know that Instagram has a pretty restrictive API, so some of these might not be feasible at this time!
Very nice work guys.
@mordodemaru thanks man! Glad you like it :)