Quickly create Apple Reminders

Improve your productivity by extending your Apple Reminders with the InstaRemind app and instantly create reminders like never before! Just create your personal global shortcut and you can create a reminder from anywhere on your mac within seconds.
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Hi all, I'm the maker/founder of InstaRemind and want to share a small backstory why I've created this app. Since the launch of macOS 10.15 I really wanted to check out the new Apple Reminders app. For me it had all functionality I needed (due dates, priorities, lists, ...) Unfortunately it missed the one thing that every good To-Do / Reminders app should have... The 'quick create' bar! The 'quick create' bar helps so much in people's productivity and is so easy to use everywhere on your mac, while in meetings, ... We've launched the first version just at the end of 2019 and it includes following features: * Create lists * Add reminders to lists * Add due dates to reminders * Setup some personal preferences (default times, global shortcut, ...) See all features on And i'm planning a lot of extra features in the future! * Quick complete * Priorities and flags * ... I hope to get some feedback and things you guys would miss in the app, or think that can be key features for the next version. Thanks, Stefan
just purchased, looking forward to the ease of use
@andrewohara15 Thanks! I hope you get a great experience with the app. If you got any feedback or improvements you may always email me at
@anna_bondarenko1 Thanks! Hope you enjoy it! There are more features upcoming but if you already got feedback or improvements, let me know!