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This is exactly like Blinkist.
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@noxowe Looks to be about the same price too
@noxowe yeh wtf? i got blinkist for 35$ for the year by going through the discount available on
@azamkhan Even the design is mostly matching but yeah, as a Blinkist fan and active subscriber I just don't see the point of this product. It has almost no exclusives compared to Blinkist and it has much less content. So just why?
What if DJ Khaled starts promoting this app and renames it to "Major Book 🔑's"
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Nice. I'm more interested in understanding concepts than details, so summaries work really well for me. I've been using Blinkist for a couple of years, which seems almost identical. How is this different?
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Hi Product Hunt! Excited to be here! I am the Co-founder of Instaread. To answer several of the comments, the the main difference between Instaread and competitors: 1) We summarize books from a wide range of categories and not just self-help or business. We are creating an extensive content library in politics, history, medical, science, biographies/memoirs, health & fitness and even fiction. 2) We invest considerable $$ into creating a summary. What this means is the writers we attract tend to be very high-caliber (journalists for NYTimes, Economist, etc.), we get to do delightful custom cover art (example check out this gorgeous cover of Putin Country we made - , right is full book and left is instaread) and our audiobook quality can be as good as NPR or Radiolab (we are in the midst of giving our audiobooks a facelift). Happy to get more feedback and answer any questions.
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@rahulific Thx Rahul. What's the pricing?
@bmehling only $2.99/mo for full access to text & audio summaries. Cancel anytime. No annual commitment required.
@rahulific just had a idea for you.. gmail:
I was toying around with a similar idea for a while now. Nice one! Quick suggestion: if you want to offer a free month, just do it. Don't put self-renewing, self-paying subscription on the user up-front.. If I haven't even tried the product it's discouraging to have to go through the whole process. Good luck with this! 👊🚀
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@autnow I have to agree here. I understand that are looking into making the product profitable, but as Antonio said, it's discouraging to signup imho. But looks good! Will test it when available for Android.