Twitter for Audio - Your Microphone To The World

A startup from Toronto - looks like they're making some waves and getting traction in the middle east as a tool during civil unrest. Lots of use cases so far, but being a microphone to the world seems to be the most compelling so far in terms of empowering the oppressed.
simple way to broadcast audio onto Twitter
what are the most common use cases you see? hard to see why i'd want to hear audio (or video) rather than see text
...we're seeing a couple cool ones. 1. live commentary during tv events. (people can listen through twitter while they watch the same thing on tv). 2. where video is a pain in the ass. 3. people hanging out with friends and letting other people listen in to their conversations. 4. At a conference keynote instead of needing to live tweet a bunch of times.
its great when you don't want to stare at a screen. But there's interesting content to be consumed.