Seamless for cocktails. No Apron Required.

Really clever! I keep seeing people try to launch the latest, greatest cocktail gadget, when I think what people really want is the ability to mix great cocktails by themselves, at home. For your website, I'd probably emphasis the fact that it's a "cocktail kit" or something to that effect, so that people don't think they're paying $48 just to get one drink delivered. The idea of "everything you need in one box" is great.
@rossdcurrie +1. Willing to be wrong on this, but: people who like cocktails this much like the craft of cocktails too
Neat idea. I could see sitting in a friend's apartment on a Sunday and wanting drinks but not having a moment away from cooking or something to go the liquor store. I know nothing of how feasible this market is from a business standpoint but the idea is fun. Biggest feedback: take professional photos of the cocktails. Now. You're way underselling with those IKEA glasses and white backgrounds.