The simplest way to plan your Instagram feed

#5 Product of the DayJuly 06, 2018

Plan and design your feed before you post it on Instagram.

Drag and drop your photos until your feed looks great.

Most instagram planning apps require you to login before you can start using the app, in Instaplan you just type your username and start planning.

For now we only support public profiles.

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Bogdan here from Instaplan, a new web app that lets you easily plan your Instagram feed, no need to install an app or login. Just enter your username and Instaplan will bring your Instagram photos, you can also add more from your device by tapping the Add button or dropping photos on the app. After that, you simply drag and drop until your feed is just right 💯 We will soon add an export feature which helps you save your work. Let me know your feedback, all the best 🙌
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@bogdansoare Interesting. Does this work only like a prototype of how you want your Instagram page to look like?
@hoyrogean hey there. Yes, exactly. In order to prepare your future or current photos. Very soon you will be able to save your work as an image for reference
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New export feature has been added, now you can save your work.
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This is fantastic! Thanks so much for putting it together. I run @nachos on Instagram and have been looking for something like this to help plot the best order to post our backlog of cheese 🙌
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@nachos @dansaltz hey there, awesome, glad you find it helpful 🤗
Any plans to use the graph API to allow people to authenticate Instagram and actually post to their feed?
@ridderingand_ hey there, for now there is no plan to implement the graph API, we would like to keep things simple without requiring you to login. But in the future if there is demand for this sure, I don't see why not.
It would be cool if you could turn a larger image into a row and then export those out.
@villainjosh hey there, sounds like a good idea, maybe in the future, we'll implement it 🙌
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@villainjosh I've found that is a good tool for doing this type of thing.
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