Share Android APK with testers & stake holders in one click.

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Thanks for hunting us, Neeraj! Co-founder here. We're very excited to be hunted on Product Hunt, and would love to discuss any thoughts you all have about instapk. Instapk is an android studio plugin which will help developers to share apk from studio to their slack team with a single click! We have been developing mobile apps for startups and most of the communication work on slack! We all love slack. Product managers, designers, stakeholders and testers use slack in today’s lean startup culture and timely feedbacks are the key. Designers and developers work in side by side and each time there is a design change, an app build is shared to get feedback. Developers spend too much time in the sharing process and that kills their valuable time. That’s why we thought of building something to help them! We believe that many developers have the same problem and instapk could be a possible solution. Try instapk and we’d love to hear your comments and feedback!
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@akhil_ks7 All the best! :)
Quick and easy to share your APK in just 3 steps: - Step 1: Setup plugin in android studio. - Step 2: Complete Slack integration. - Step 3: Click on upload button to share.
Useful. Looking forward to see share via email option. All the best (y)
nice idea
Good one and it is really useful. Good luck guys.