The best way to monetize your time and knowledge

Instantgo lets you easily charge for your time and expertise over the phone, chats and video calls. With Instantgo, you can also better manage your time with an automatic scheduler that lets other know your availability at all time, offer services and even train a personal assistant to answer for you when you want.

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This is amazing.
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@secretleaders1 Thank you so much. Happy for the team to offer a demo at anytime. Simply go to the website and chat with us to schedule it.
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How long have you been using this for @nathyeisenberg? Have you booked any appointments through this?
@amrith we have created this for over a year now and booked quite a lot of appointment. I send my unique URL ( when someone tries to contact me. Thank you!
@nathyeisenberg Ah, didn't know you were the maker. Just added you as one :) How did you get your first X users?
@amrith we used a different strategy in the sense that the product was good enough when we initially launched for the experts to want to share their Instantgo profile with their clients to use the tool and that brought us quite many users (and still does 😊)
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Seems like it should be a website, as well as a web widget. You're essentially competing with Intercom.
@balupton Thank you for your comment but this is not at all what we do. We do not specifically offer a support widget. We have a platform that lets users charge real money for their time and expertise. It's a completely different concept. Be well
I think we all have tried to build an application and charge for the time but no one made it work. Clarity.FM is one the largest - Maybe repurpose the app to the coaching community.
@jhrzic We will not share everything we do here obviously but what we offer is more like a tool to monetize oneself and we have validated all the basic assumptions we wanted with our users. We are quite happy with the current state of affairs. Thank you
Awesome concept and looks like an awesome app. Any hope for an Android release any time soon?
@peterrossc Thank you so much. Absolutely, we are actively working on the Android version.
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@nathyeisenberg Awesome to hear :) can't wait to try it