Instant Username Search checks the availability of your username on more than 100 social media sites.
Results appear instantly while you are typing!
Source code is available on GitHub.
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What makes this different than the dozens of other username search websites?
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@kraftykyle It is very good for users when there is competition, isn't it?
@kraftykyle @umut_canbolat FWIW, this is faster than the others I've used
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This is really useful! A couple of suggestions: - Bug: I typed in the username I use for Facebook and it showed that it was still available. Convenient social media plug: - Would prefer if the results were always shown in the same order, ordered according to popularity of the site to make a specific site easier to find. Thanks for this!
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@zhicong Thank you for the review and suggestion. I will try to solve this issue.
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@zhicong @umut_canbolat i'm seeing this too for my facebook username. very cool tool! super simple!
This is great! Thanks for making it open source, I am learning some good stuff from your GitHub :)
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Thank you for this! I always wanted to grab my username on some websites but didn't have time to check if it's still available :P
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Very good idea ! thanks
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