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Taylor Edmiston
Taylor EdmistonHiring@kicksopenminds · Senior Software Engineer
This is a really cool idea, and something I've been wanting for small personal sites for a while. What inspired you to create it?
Nemanja Avramović
Nemanja AvramovićMaker@avramator · web developer
@kicksopenminds Well, for example Wordpress is great, but it can be overwhelming for small websites, especially if you need to convert your HTML template into WP theme; and then the updates, plugins, etc, etc... and you need only couple of web pages. That's why we created Instant Update, to instantly run a web site that can even be managed by someone who is not too tech savvy.
Roman@romanzadyrako · CEO at Signalayer /
So how does work exactly? Let's say I'm building a blog to add to my product's website, how do I integrate Instant Update?
Nemanja Avramović
Nemanja AvramovićMaker@avramator · web developer
@romanzadyrako At this moment only static pages are supported. Instant Update will automatically make all HTML blocks that have ID attribute set editable. Further customizations are possible by adding additional CSS classes (e.g. skip element from editing, make it global site-wide, ...). As @Webinsane said, repeatable contents are coming soon!
Tomo Vukasović
Tomo VukasovićMaker@webinsane · Webinsane
Instant Update recognizes all IDs automatically. In the next version we are planning to introduce repeatable content. Repeat any div - one after the other. Good for news, blog, shopping items, statistical data and more.
Misel Tekinder
Misel Tekinder@tekindermisel · Front-end Developer
Nice idea for small personal websites. Really cool idea! ;)
Nemanja Avramović
Nemanja AvramovićMaker@avramator · web developer
Benjamin Franck
Benjamin Franck@ptitben · UX & DesignOps Manager at Centrica
Really cool idea, that can save time on smaller projects !!!!
Nemanja Avramović
Nemanja AvramovićMaker@avramator · web developer
@ptitben Yes! That's exactly what it is made for.