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#1 Product of the DayFebruary 10, 2019

Amazon and others found that 100 milliseconds of latency is responsible for 1% in sales. But latency on the web is hard to overcome. uses just-in-time preloading — it preloads a page right before a user clicks on it.

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Hi Alexandre, would there be a way to implement this in a Wordpress environment?
@luca_spanjaard Yes, in your admin dashboard go to Appearance > Editor and on the right menu open Footer. You’ll then be able to drop the snippet of code right before .
@dieulot going to implement tomorrow; looks very promising! Thanks!
@dieulot Last dummy question: I can insert this in a Custom HTML tag in Google Tag Manager and fire it with an 'all pages' trigger?
@luca_spanjaard @dieulot any reason you suggested footer and not header?
There's a lot of good discussion going on on Hacker News[0] [0]
Hello ! This is great ! Does this have an impact on SEO ?

Tried this, got psyched. Then i found out that it is invoking some code that triggers a very huge advertisement on the webpage. Not really what I was expecting.


Do what it's made for


Add advertisements to the page

IF it loads in ads that makes it basically pointless... I will have to test this myself too.
Can you provide more details?
Can you show an example of this please (screenshot?). If this is the case, then it ruins it for me.
You can see the source code at, and the integrity checksum ensures that this code won't change. Perhaps you're mistaken about the source of the advertisement?
Very cool, but I'm trying to wrap my brain around how this works... Is it only for internal links? Otherwise, I don't understand how hovering over a link on one website could pre-load it on a different website.
@christine_renee Only for your website.