Instant Map Chat

Chat with people in real-time on a Google Map

Ha its quite interesting. Everyone is anonymous but you see where their comments come from. I'm sure when 10+ people are actively commenting it can become unbearable.
@bentossell Agreed. It sure does. Need some good filters there. :)
This is cool, although given the anonymity and anonymity trolling comes up pretty quickly, along with nice things :)
@nivo0o0 wow! This is so cool! I couldn't resist myself :) Great initiative! But what's the goal?
@nivo0o0 I imagine you spend 1/3 of your day creating GIF's. You're like a GIF bot IRL : )
Hi there, and thanks a ton for submitting the chat to Product Hunt! :) The fun thing though, is that we started coding it this sunday, and today it´s here. Future plans are at the moment really simple, just as we want the experience of this thing to be; 1) Make history of last 100 (or something) chat lines appear when you first enter. 2) Allow image posts. 3) Allow (optional) nickname. We´ll see how that goes. Any suggestions are welcome, by the way! :)
This is what it looks like when 80 people across the world are having a conversation:
@nivo0o0 This is kind of great. Really appeals to the hyper geography nerd in me.
Wow only 60 people are online and we already got geopolitical conflicts 😃 But the the idea is great!