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Hey all,

We're setting out to create the fastest way to search & download logos.

With instant logo search you can:
- Search for logos directly from your omnibar
- Download logos as vectors or PNGs in a consistent format
- Create a collection of logos and download them as a zip
- Suggest or upload logos

Looking forward to hearing your feeback and questions!


EDIT: thank you guys for suggesting all these logos, I'll be adding them all through out the day!
Sajeesh Philip — Founder, &
@cameronrohani : At last every vectors we want in one place. Good job Cameron.

One small suggestion. I wanted to see the footer, but it runs away ;)
Liam Murphy — ID / Design Recruiter @ Intercom
@cameronrohani Hey, just noticed the Intercom logo you're using is the old version. Would be cool if we could get that updated. They can be found on
@lemurf good catch, will update.
Anthony David Adams — Peripheral Visionary.
@cameronrohani this is great! Today is big for Logo Tech ;) We just released -- an open source vector logo font for showing off media logos. Let's talk!
Xenia WordArt — Copywriting|Content Inbound Marketing
@cameronrohani why would I want to find logos? I may want to CREATE one for myself or a client, but what is the benefit of a logo search?
Murat Mutlu — Co-Founder, Marvelapp
If you're a designer you'll know the pain of searching Google for vectors - this site has everything in one place!
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