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@cameronrohani : At last every vectors we want in one place. Good job Cameron. One small suggestion. I wanted to see the footer, but it runs away ;)
@cameronrohani Hey, just noticed the Intercom logo you're using is the old version. Would be cool if we could get that updated. They can be found on intercom.io/press
@lemurf good catch, will update.
@cameronrohani this is great! Today is big for Logo Tech ;) We just released http://FontFamous.com -- an open source vector logo font for showing off media logos. Let's talk!
@cameronrohani why would I want to find logos? I may want to CREATE one for myself or a client, but what is the benefit of a logo search?
If you're a designer you'll know the pain of searching Google for vectors - this site has everything in one place!
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Do you think you can take advantage of the ClearBit Logo API https://www.producthunt.com/tech... ?
@picsoung I really want to use the ClearBit API, it's just not reliable enough yet with no way to contribute/flag/etc. i.e. for ancestry.com: https://logo.clearbit.com/ancest...
@noinput @picsoung Oh that's not good! :( You're right, we don't have a good way of flagging yet. Easiest method is to email support@clearbit.com with the domain. I've fixed ancestory's (it'll take a while for the cache to clear).
@picsoung @noinput Please test https://ritekit.com/api-demo/com... (right in the UI). Unlike Clearbit, our database continually updates itself with latest logos and grows.
#PHReview: I think that it will be pretty challenging to fill this database full of logos. What's the difference between Instant Logo Search and say http://www.brandsoftheworld.com/ ? ILS is super fast though and most likely be my #1 search engine for logos.
A good resource to fill in any missing logos is www.brandsoftheworld.com. Have used this site for years.