Instant for Mac

A menu bar app to track the daily time spent on your Mac

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I think I'd be afraid to install this because it would reveal the worrying amount of time I spend at my laptop haha
@david_diam personal analytics may help your productivity 😎
@shashwatpradhan Can you also get a per-app breakdown?
@alexhaniotis looking into it, trying to get it in the next version.
Hello Product Hunt! We are launching Instant for Mac today so that you can track the daily time spent on your Mac from the menu bar. We also have features like exporting data, tracking standbys and setting a daily limit. This should be good for self tracking by general users. I also think this is something Quantified Self/Lifelogging enthusiasts would like, maybe even some may find it useful for parental control. We will be launching Instant with places, fitness, travel & device/app usage for iOS next ! ( Can’t wait to get your feedback!
Will it truly track app usage on an unlocked iPhone? If so that is the best news ever!
@helencrozier hey Helen, we will be launching the iOS version in 4 weeks. We do have that functionality to track app usage in the iOS version. 😃
@shashwatpradhan @helencrozier I find it very hard to believe from a technological standpoint. Can you provide more information please?
@shashwatpradhan @helencrozier Yeah that doesn't seem possible in the iOS sandbox model. Or at least not when I tried 6 months ago, you can make guesses based on location data etc. but can't measure an accurate value.
@mvxlr @helencrozier there is an API to get all the processes running in the background.
This is amazing! It would be even great to track times based on the each app/tool.
@atharmajeed we are looking into it, should be possible.