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Hello Product Hunt, Instant tracks all your activities automatically and puts it on a dashboard. Something like Google Analytics for your life! We track your device usage time, travel, fitness and places. It took us a while to build this app in an Apple approved way since we are tracking lots of background contextual information. The key of Instant is that it tracks everything automatically in the background, without manual entries like other lifelogging apps. It also gets all this information in one place. Looking forward for your feedback!
@shashwatpradhan great app! but not sure if i'm ready to find out how much time i waste on social media (╯•﹏•╰)
@mrwongsteven haha, you can find out many other things as well!
Instant is the World's leading Quantified Self & Lifelogging app. Instant journals your entire day automatically.
Does the app also display what are the apps you hven't used in let's say last 30 days? Or do you have in plan to add a functionality like this?
@vladciurca hey Vlad, the App Store guidelines don't allow us to track processes so we can't do that. That's a really interesting idea though.
@shashwatpradhan Hey Shashwat. I noticed after purchasing the app that I don't even have app stats on iOS. The screenshots from the website are very misleading. You should definitely mention those are Android only
@vladciurca hey Vlad we don't mention app tracking anywhere on our App Store page, apologies if you felt so. We shall mention that somewhere. Thank you for the feedback, much appreciated! 😊
@shashwatpradhan just wasted money for this app without data on apps and deleted it. You posted screenshots from Android on 'Instant for iOS' PH page. It feels like scam :F
@nikolaybezhko hey, we didn't post any screenshots from our Android product here neither do we mention it on our App Store page. App usage tracking is currently in built in iOS 9 on the Battery feature. You can check it out there.
How does this compare to Reporter?
@chrismessina Reporter needs manual input, we have a more automatic approach for tracking the users life.
This looks very interesting but there are a ton of privacy questions. You mentioned that the app tracks all of my activities, what are you doing with that data? Do/would you sell that data in any way? Can the data be used/exported for use in other apps (like Excel if I wanted to create my own life dashboard)?
@fbara the data remains within the app on your phone, we have no access to it. When the app is deleted, the data is permanently gone. Here is our Privacy Policy:
@shashwatpradhan @fbara But do I have access to it? Can I get the data off the phone and into some format where I can save it if I ever decide to stop using the app?
@jameskoole @fbara yes you can export it as a csv.