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Shashwat Pradhan — CEO/Founder @emberify
Hello Product Hunt,
Instant tracks all your activities automatically and puts it on a dashboard. Something like Google Analytics for your life!
We track your device usage time, travel, fitness and places. It took us a while to build this app in an Apple approved way since we are tracking lots of background contextual information.
The key of Instant is that it tracks everything automatically in the background, without manual entries like other lifelogging apps. It also gets all this information in one place.
Looking forward for your feedback!
Steven W — Nice guys finish lunch.
@shashwatpradhan great app! but not sure if i'm ready to find out how much time i waste on social media (╯•﹏•╰)
Shashwat Pradhan — CEO/Founder @emberify
@mrwongsteven haha, you can find out many other things as well!
Neeraj Thakur — Marketer |
Instant is the World's leading Quantified Self & Lifelogging app. Instant journals your entire day automatically.
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