Instant Domain Search checks domain availability as you type. It also automatically generates available domain names, and suggests related domain names for sale.
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My favorite domain searching tool. Fast and that's all I need.
This is so fast! PS: I think, it breaks for It shows that it is available.
@mohitmamoria If you just type "a" it shows that it's unavailable, but typing "" goes through a different path that obviously has a bug. I'll fix that. Thanks!
@hartshorne Got it! By the way, naming my next pet project will be 10x faster. :) Thanks for this.
@mohitmamoria This is fixed now.
Would love to see this combined with
@zackkanter sure, why not? @billychasen, is there a way to pre-fill a search for users coming from @instantdomain?
@zackkanter @instantdomain @hartshorne Hey Beau! That'd be pretty sweet. Just added that ability,
Been using this for years, great tool
One of my favorite tools. Workflow for domain name arbitrage/selling. 1. Google Trends 2. 3. 4. InstantDomain Search 5. Scour for $0.99 coupon code 6. Buy.