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Hi Hunters, thanks for checking out INSTANT! Also, thanks @timanrebel for hunting us :-) We built INSTANT to scratch our own itch: our marketers need rapid content changes on our websites, and we don’t want to have to update the code all the time. However, it evolved to solve a bigger issue - equip any custom-built website with content management features. Developers should have the freedom to use any tech stack and marketers should have full control over website content. Traditional Content Management Systems aim to solve this puzzle, but are very hard to integrate with existing web applications - especially for those pesky buttons, dashboards and checkouts. So, we decided to create a lightweight alternative to CMSs. Instant is a drop-in content management service. You can integrate it on any website by simply adding one line of javascript. Setup takes 30 seconds - and once you’re done, you and your team can edit text, change images and make your website multilingual. Run your website through our demo to check it out for yourself. And please let us know what you think. We appreciate your honest feedback! *Lifetime discount* Also, because Product Hunt is a community of cool, smart people (yay us!), we give out a 30% lifetime discount on any paid plan. Just use the coupon code PHUNTERS.
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I really love instant. I was lucky enough to be able to test it in the last few months. I replaced a $100k yearly license fee CMS with Instant, because finally the CEO dared to make changes to the website on a Friday night, instead of putting tickets into the backlog because he was too afraid to make mistakes. But I also implemented it in any AngularJS website I made lately. It is so simple, it just works!
Cool idea! I hate pushing code every time I wanna fix a typo on the site. Seems like there should be a better way 🙌
@jakeapeters Yes! Thank you. We've built this tool for ourselves, to avoid these slow deployments every time we have to change a text.
Hello! How do you handle responsive and SEO?
@paulodef The content we replace will follow the rules you define in your HTML, so it will stick to the boundaries you defined in the parent divs and CSS. For SEO we did some extensive testing before we started this project, you can read the report here: TLDR; Google indexes injected content just fine, other browsers lag behind.
@marcelpanse @paulodef can you try crawling the page as GoogleBot from Search Console and add that to the report ?
@saijo_george @paulodef here is a screenshot of our own homepage, you can see all texts being rendered properly:
Instant is a great tool for everybody who has a website, we use it for our landing pages, because it is so easy to manage them and of course translate them!
@justmalinauskas Thank you for your kind words Justas :-)