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LaunchKit tools have received almost 3,000 upvotes from the Product Hunt community, and we're excited to introduce a new tool today that we think app builders will love. LaunchKit's App Website tool creates and hosts a mobile ready, smart solution for anyone who needs to quickly launch a website for their app. Just point and click your way to a beautiful app marketing page in minutes. If the app is already in the store, we'll pull in images and metadata to make the process even easier. If not, you just need to fill out a quick form and upload some images. It's simple. We built this tool for several reasons: 1) When you're racing to finish an app, the website usually comes as an afterthought. Usually something is thrown together just to point people to the App Store. Typically these last minute pages aren't that smart. They don't take into account what platform the user is visiting from. They don't optimize for sharing. And generally they're not that great looking. 2) A lot of organizations have product managers/marketers directing how the websites should look, but need designers and web developers to actually create and update them. This will hopefully let PMs own the whole process themselves, freeing up the rest of the team to do more important (and interesting) things. I'll be here answering questions all day. I’d love to know what you think of the onboarding, user experience, options, etc… Fire away!
@mulligan any plan on opening up ability to track user visits?
@mulligan Awesome product here. and Thanks for making my life easier today. I wish there is an option to customise the waiting list button.
This is an amazing update and makes it so easy to build an app website. Literally a 5 minute process for a beautiful looking landing page. Such a time-saver. Thanks @mulligan & team!
@rolandal thank you for helping us work out the kinks
Just used Instant App Websites to create a landing page for an upcoming app experiment and it took me just 5 minutes. This is an incredible tool that should be in every product manager / app marketing person. Great work! - Any plans on supporting integration with Google Analytics? - How about a "subscribe" button that can be connected with MailChimp? Keep up all the great work and products coming out of LaunchKit, @mulligan and team!!
@grantheimbach hey grant. yes, both of those coming soon :)
@grantheimbach @mulligan +1 for Analytics and Mailchimp integration 👍
This is an awesome product. I recommend it to everyone. The templates looks clean, professional and extremely easy to use. Point and Click. We use it at our company.
@jedipixels feel free to post some sites you're using it for
Congrats on the launch @mulligan @rizzledizzle @taylorhughes You guys took both mundane and challenging tasks and made them elegant. Before app.net was, um, what it is now, it used to be a great place to handle the one-pagers. I never really found a service to do it simply after. Teamed with the rest of the tools and this process makes the launching part of an app release really seamless. What's the plan for pricing and are any other tools on the launchpad?
@noinput thanks Jim .. appreciated! we're working on a premium tier for all our tools, which we'll hopefully be rolling out later this summer.
@mulligan @noinput Good! I've been worried that you haven't been making money. I love all your products!
@noinput Have you checked out Appsites.com?