Instant 4.0

Google Analytics for your life, now with a chatbot coach

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Hello Product Hunt! We initially built Instant to track your life automatically on a dashboard. We track your phone usage, sleep, places, travel and fitness. (Apps on Android too) But we realised, users need more value out of their data. We started out with building weekly reports. Moving ahead, a Chatbot Coach in the app made sense since users can easily query their data. More importantly, the Coach passively analyses your trends and correlations. Example: You’ve been sleeping better from the past three days since your walking has increased. Looking forward to your feedback! Here is a Medium post on how we built it: Instant on the App Store: Instant on Google Play:
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@shashwatpradhan can't wait to try it :)
@shashwatpradhan this is awesome.. did you guys build chatbot as a lib that can be integrated in other apps? or was it an extension of an open source lib..
@maddynator if you are talking about the UI, on Android we built it from scratch. For iOS we used JSQMessenger: I would recommend building it from scratch to keep it flexible.
@shashwatpradhan thanks but I am interested in the AI part... you mentioned in medium that its all done locally.. how does bot interpret and extract data from local store.
@maddynator we have some basic NLP algorithms and mappings to understand the user input. Further it is converted into DB queries to fetch the data.
All trainers on Android be like
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It automatically keep track of the time spent on your phone, while travelling, at places, while sleeping & on fitness activities. But the data isn’t enough. Instant also gives you weekly reports based on your data. All your data is private, only stored on your device.
@neerajt4 thanks for hunting us!
Hi! Looks promising. I've just installed and would like to know how does the app track my sleep. Thx!
@galeriks we track sleep using motion patterns from your phone. If you have a wearable that tracks sleep you can sync it through the Health app or Google Fit!
Here is the promo video: