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Hello Product Hunt, Instant now tracks the time spent on your phone, travelling, at places, while sleeping & on fitness activities. All this is tracked automatically and is put on a dashboard. Based on your feedback we learnt that when it comes to lifelogging, data is not enough. We built on this to get weekly reports to give our users actionable insights based on their data. We used storytelling techniques with trend graphs for this. We have also added automatic sleep tracking with a major UI upgrade. The new reports should be able to give our users actionable insights. We are also licensing our award winning tracking technology & looking for enterprise partners. You can feel free to contact me on shashwat@emberify.com to give me any detailed feedback. Looking forward to your comments! iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id9... Android: https://play.google.com/store/ap... ‘ You walked equivalent to 11 pizza slices this week 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕’- Instant 3.0
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@shashwatpradhan @emberify Also, do the iOS app track app usage?
@joshdance @emberify nope, no public APIs for app tracking in iOS right now. We will definitely add it once it opens up, we had tried using a private API for app tracking which we had to remove. You can partially get that data through your battery settings tho.
@shashwatpradhan looks neat. What is your edge over apps like Quality Time and (OFFTIME)?
@thedimmick they only track your digital activities. Instant also tracks your places, fitness, travel & sleep.
@shashwatpradhan is the sleep detector similar to Sleep Cycle where you put it near you and it detects motion? Or is it more like if you haven't used your phone for a prolong time, it assumes your sleeping?
Instant buy! Although I'm slightly afraid of the stats that I'll get...
@antoneliasson thanks for the support, that's the process of self-improvement with analytics! 😊
@huntergray thanks for supporting us!
Hi Shashwat, I really like your marketing positioning : GA for your life. Simple and appealing to any startupper / marketer. Why is App Tracking only available on Android ? Apple provides that info in the Battery section of Settings. Is is that Apple doesn't let apps access this info ? Thomas
@tom_jacquesson hi Thomas, Apple doesn't give an API for that. There was a private API in iOS 8 which we tried but Apple rejected it, so hoping that comes with iOS 10. Thanks for the feedback tho. 😊
We also wrote a post on Medium (2 min read) that elaborates more on the personal analytic part of Instant: https://medium.com/@shashwatprad... My favourite part: ‘You used your phone for 20 hours last week. You can go from the Earth to the Moon twice in that much time!’ — Instant 3.0
Hi Shashwat, Instant looks impressive. I am just little concern about my battery life as Google fit drains battery a lot. What's your take on it?
@kkkosariya hi Kamal, while building Instant, battery and privacy were two key things we kept in mind from a user perspective. In terms of battery if you switch Google Fit to low accuracy mode it should use negligible battery. Instant doesn't even need 1% battery on Android, so it should work good for you.