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I love gifs and I really like the way you can use them to quickly show something to someone. Wether it's your new cat, our an animation you just made. I've been looking for a simple app to share and make them with for a long time, but could never find one that was simple and not limited to one platform, so I made Instant. Hope you like it. shout out to @dnmjd for helping me with the designs :)
@samuelbeek you use your gifs in in product hunt comments with the "upload to imgur" function!
@samuelbeek yes yes yes this is great, great this is now public after some testing. It could use a little clever watermark in the gif, but for now it's just great send someone a gif on iMessage and to get the response "haaha that's funny! How the heck did you do that?"
@milann thanks. Ive taught about watermarks, but Im not sure if that ads value. I like the app to spread by word of mouth 😉.
Fun little app by my buddy @samuelbeek - you can create GIFs instantly from your camera and share them in iMessage etc :)
Very happy that this is finally out in the open. Have been testing it for the past couple of weeks and it's pretty damn awesome!!
instant.gif so simple, love it. Please add landscape mode 😄
@donfontijn Thanks, I will in the next version, would you like the created gifs to be landscape as well?
Well the are a lot of apps like this one,whats different about instant? is as the name implies INSTANT. Very nice job!
@tnsrig Thanks! Most apps are limited to one platform: Dsco is limited to Vsco's platform, Boomerang to Instagram. I wanted to create something that's not limited, so I try to integrate as many services as possible (Slack, imgur, Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, and more to come!). Next to that I wanted creation to be as quick as possible and I think I succeeded.
@samuelbeek @tnsrig I'm not saying your product isn't nice, simple and helpful... but Boomerang just to pick one isn't really limited. I can share it pretty much anywhere.