Take a selfie and discover music

Instamusic is easy to use and it allows you to link emotions and music discovery with the use of artificial intelligence. Identify the best songs for you while you take a selfie in different moments of your day and export them to Spotify.
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Hello Hunters. Jordi here from Barcelona ;) We are thrilled to be launching on PH. 🔥 We started Instamusic with the vision to give people the possibility of discovering music in a totally different way, and we added emotions to the equation. Here are a couple Q&As for you to know more about our product. -Why did we launch it? Our case study highlighted that people listen to music based on how they are feeling at the moment. 😍 -What do we do it for? To provide a deep and significant experience based on UX principles which result in an understanding of the user’s music preferences in relation with their mood. 🎶 -How? We identify the emotion with a selfie. 🤳 Once that is done, users are able to select preferred genre and moment tags. After that, the experience allows them to find a specific playlist that they can export to Spotify. We are planning new features... but I’d love to know your thoughts… what do you like the most? What would you like to see in the future? 🧐
Great idea! I really like it! I have a question... if I want to export music to Deezer or other platforms, is it possible? Congrats!
@oriol_salami That is interesting! At the beginning we had the dilemma between starting with many music platforms or with only one. For the first release we selected Spotify but now we are working on new platform integrations for the future (Deezer is one of them) 😜 Thanks for the comments! If you have any more ideas let us know.
Interesting development, unique and with a huge potential to stretch into a more wide platform to help people feel better! Good job!!
@gabriela_rs Thank you Gabi, we really appreciate it! What you mention about becoming a wider platform is something we've been thinking about. Can you tell us what you like most about Instamusic?
Very cool initiative!
@unkilledbear Thank you, glad you like it. Don’t doubt about contacting us if you have any questions! 😃
Very creative product!!! congrats on the launch