Turn your Instagram pictures into a virtual museum

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Instamuseum is a fun app letting you build a personalised virtual gallery from your instagram account in a few seconds. You can browse your gallery in 3D on the web, or in VR with any headset. Here is a gallery of what as been previously posted: Looking forward to seeing your creations!
@albn cool! Now you need a VR gallery opening with free booze ๐Ÿธ+ [:]
Ooooo cool! But I dont want to sign up to see it :(
@bentossell oh, no need to sign up :) You can see all the instamuseums posted before here:
@albn when I click create VR gallery with my details it then prompts me to login...
@bentossell Ah yes, well as many publishing platforms you need to create an account where you post your creation, just like you need to signup to PH to comment or upvote :) This way you keep control over what you've posted and can delete it at anytime, whereas publishing to a catch all account means you lose control. Signing up is free and fast, though, and PH already has an account:
@albn Yeah I guess I'd want to see the flow like Best Nine where I can see my creation first then if I wanted to download/share etc it could prompt a sign up
@bentossell @albn Totally agree, I instantly abandoned the experience upon getting to that login/registration page.
Coooooool ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
Here's mine:
Remembers me of what I saw in the Samsung Experience Store in NYC. They did exactly this in real life.