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Thanks @bentossell for posting about Instalocate. A brief background about why we created Instalocate (https://m.me/instalocate): People are always nervous of missing their flights due to heavy traffic or huge security check lines. Traveling with kids and a delayed flight is a perfect example of disaster! There are so many things that can go wrong. What people want is a friend who is knowledgeable and is available whenever you want. Instalocate is that trusted friend – your personal travel assistant. It is like “Google Now++ for Travel”. Instalocate is an AI powered digital personal assistant to make your journey comfortable. It is always there to answer your questions in an instant. You can talk to Instalocate within Facebook only. No need to install a separate app. Just share your flight details and it will handle the rest. It predicts when you might need something and sends the contextual information automatically. It informs you if your flight is getting delayed. If you are wondering if the airport has free Wi-Fi, just ask your assistant. If your family is worried about you, the assistant can pinpoint your exact location in the air. They don’t have to anxiously wait outside the airport checking their phones again and again! After reaching your destination, your cab will be waiting for you. Few relevant links: Facebook Chatbot: https://m.me/instalocate Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/instalo... Website: https://www.instalocate.com Email: hello@instalocate.com
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This is really good, I believe most of my travel use cases are going to be conversational with bots
@jerriclynsjohn Thanks Jerric! We also believe that most of the travel use cases can be fulfilled by bots!
This is an interesting concept especially for frequent travellers. A chatbot is the perfect form factor for this use case.
@shashankkr9 - thanks Shashank. Yes, frequent travellers really like the form factor. They are already on Facebook and they find it very convenient to get all the flight updates on Facebook only!
Good example how to build great Messenger chatbots!
@agamanyuk Thanks a lot, Alex for your encouragement. Hope you liked Instalocate.
Just putting the flight number in Google will give you all you need to know...