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Del Williams
@delwilliams · Founder, Private Curator
Why would I need this when I've been doing this with IFTTT for years? No fuss and no need for another app that's a one trick pony
jeremy carson
@thejeremycarson · Founder, creata.co
wouldn't zapier do this?
Josh Khoury
@josh_khoury · Sales, Freelance
Not bad. Got android version?
Diego Manuel Béjar
@diego_manuel_bejar · Developer.
Please, before commenting see the website https://www.instagramtweet.com to see detailed explanations about why it's not the same that IFTTT or Zapier, and instead it makes these apps better using InstagramTweet as a complement. Just one example: When you share a Instagram video to Twitter, with IFTTT you have the static image linked to the image itself (not… See more
Diego Manuel Béjar
@diego_manuel_bejar · Developer.
Try it. It's free and fast. No registration, no payment. Just see and use at your way.