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Hello Product Hunters ๐Ÿ‘‹ Since we've first imagined Fastory as the leading creation tool for Stories (, we strongly believe Stories is the hottest opportunity for businesses & influencers to drive awareness and build strong loyalty. ๐Ÿ˜ Today, we want to help you leverage your Instagram Stories on your own marketing channels. That's why we're so excited to officially launch the Stories Widget. With a few lines of code, this handy tool provided for FREE allows you to automatically sync and show your Instagram stories stream on your website. You can now easily bring your website to social life with daily news and give your visitors a quick snapshot of what's hot as a brand or influencer. Moreover, our widget is the only one fully based on the brand new Instagram Graph API (no private API, validated by Facebook himself). ๐Ÿ‘ We can't wait to see the widget on your website! My team and I would love to answer your questions here. ๐Ÿค“
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@sylvainw Wow! This is a cool idea Tried setting up - I can't get past this step Two questions: - Can't this be used for a personal profile on a personal website? - How do I setup if my facebook account is connected with multiple Facebook Business Pages?
Hey @adithya thanks for your feedback and support! We are aware of this issue that is impacting (thankfully) just a small percentage of users. Nonetheless, we are investigating this with our CTO directly and are confident that we will find a solution so for it to be fixed as soon as possible :) To facilitate transmission of information internally with the tech team, could I please ask you to reach out via my email directly ? In regards to your questions : 1. You will need to have an Instagram business account, which can indeed also be done with a personal profile --> tutorial is included in the creation process at the step nยฐ3 2. As long as you have one or several business Instagram account(s) and that are linked to Facebook Pages, you will simply need to select the desired Instagram account from the drop-down menu. And for the next generated widget, you'll just have to reload the page and follow the same steps
@fastory @yann_petretti Great! I will write a mail, also it will be a good idea to post a comment here once the issue is fixed so people who are following it will be notified :)
@fastory @adithya you got it! I am already drafting it as we are close to having resolved it!
Looks quite similar to another site I noticed a couple of months ago.
ohhhhhhhh I LOVE IT !!! amazing idea. how come i didn't think of this first? :)
Hey @dallasvicky thanks for your support! It takes just a couple of clicks to test it and I so look forward to seeing you implementing it :)
Was waiting for this for a while!! Thanks guys !
@shub_s thanks man! we are thrilled you like it and if you can help us spread the word!
@basicgravity love your support! help us spread the word :)