Falcon.io provides a platform for social media marketing and customer experience management. It features tools for social media listening, engagement, publishing, measuring and customer data management. Marketers and companies can deliver more personalized brand experiences, across touchpoints, based on enriched customer profiles.

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Finally started using Falcon.io today. Awesome platform with endless possibilities
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Hey all, we wanted to update you on our Instagram capabilities: Instagram just announced their latest update to their Platform API which includes access to insights and metrics for the first time. We're happy to announce that we're one of the few Instagram/Facebook partners that has these insights built in to our tool! You can learn more about it here: https://www.falcon.io/request-de... Thanks to everyone for upvoting and feel free to ask any additional questions. @ibaard @ariaitch @nhallam @arthur_guiot @faisal_hassanx @flowsion @thibaultmilan @tyjayo @tomjohndesign
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Hey Product Hunters, we’re excited to officially launch our Instagram Publishing feature! Now you can plan, create, and manage Instagram content right from Falcon – including Instagram Stories. Features: Campaign Planning: Plan, create, and collaborate on your Instagram strategy, including Stories, videos and images. Content Calendar: Schedule your Instagram posts in our content calendar along with other social channels. Brand Consistency: Stay on-brand by having an approval flow. Notification: Receive a notification on the Falcon mobile app when your Instagram post is ready to go live. Easy Engagement: Manage all comments and replies from one platform. Better Advertising: Easily promote Instagram ads and target high-value segments. We’re super excited about this release and can’t wait to see how our users start to integrate their social strategies around their other social channels. We’re the first full fledged SMM platform to fully cater to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Messenger, Google+, Tumblr and now Instagram, including Stories. Our team is happy to answer any questions that anyone has about Falcon and Instagram Publishing. /Ulrik @ Falcon.io
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@silentcrooner im guessing you're not an Instagram partner, correct?
@ariaitch Hi Ari, we're official IG partners and they loved these features when we showed them. You can learn more about our partnership here (announced early last year): http://fal.cn/IGPartnership
@jeffco3 even with the desktop publishing?
@ariaitch Yeah, they've seen everything we've built, including our publishing flow for Instagram posts & Stories. @jeffco3
@lemberg ahh I see. I thought you were enabling to publish via desktop with no need of the mobile app.
Why do I have to provide a phone number, company name and company email just to check out the demo? I don't want anyone to contact me to discuss "tailored solutions" before I even checked out the product. Is there a way to check this out without providing all that? No offense, but I've done this in the past where I have out my info for the demo and I still get calls from marketers who want to "touch base" and check if I changed my mind.
@faisal_hassanx Hate this kind of bait to collect information. Literally get an automated 'Hey, just checking in' every week from websites I submitted my info to years ago.
@flowsion I blocked them everywhere. Now they message me on WhatsApp.
Hey @faisal_hassanx @flowsion, there's no baiting. The Falcon platform caters to medium to enterprise-sized organizations where the team, market and rollout scale can greatly vary. That’s why we tailor our solutions and services packages to each case. Faisal, we don't use WhatsApp in any capacity. If you'd like, can you please provide some more information so that we can look into it?
@jeffco3 So individuals who are not organizations but have got around 500k followers on Instagram aren't your target customer? I understand that you tailor and customize your services. But why are you asking for all that info just to show the demo? And the WhatsApp thing wasn't about you. I gave out my information to another company to check their demo and I still get messages from them. Hence the skepticism.
Did you manage to get an API access from Instagram or are you going "rogue" ? In that case, how will you prevent Instagram access disruption for your clients ?
@thibaultmilan Hey Thibault, our workflow is intended for brands to receive a notification with their media and post using the official Instagram app. There is no reverse-engineering of the API, device emulation, or having an employee of the service publish it for you.
@jeffco3 so this isnt instagram publishing with falcon.io as stated. This is scheduling only.
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