Instagram posts auto boosting by Revealbot

Boost your best Instagram posts and stories automatically

Use your best performing Instagram content as a source for your Facebook Ads, automatically. Auto-boost your Instagram posts and stories based on their organic performance. All with single interface of Revealbot’s Auto post-boosting!

Hi hunters! Glad to be back again with another big release. Today we’re introducing our new feature—Auto post-boosting! Well, it’s not brand new, but it got a major update: you can now use Instagram content as a source for your ads in all placements. There are two use-cases for it: you can auto-boost your Instagram content (both posts and stories) if it’s organic performance is skyrocketing; or, and that’s what we like most of all, you can now automatically use your best Instagram content as a source for Facebook Ads. Here is how it works: Choose the source platform (Facebook or Instagram) Set the conditions for auto-boosting (i.e., Likes over 100) Select placements—all the plethora of options provided by Facebook Ads platform is available. Sit back and watch reports in Slack or by email. Feel free to give it a shot with our free two week trial and let us know what you think:
Amazing product and yes - it's now brand new but so simple and so smart :) Revealbot rocks!
@kuolldev Thanks for your feedback, Dmitry!
Love your product, guys!!! Does it work for Instagram posts only? Do you have the similar functionality for Instagram Stories?