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Use core features of Instagram on their new mobile site

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Nice: If you turn on "developer mode" in your browser and switch to "mobile view", you can now post to Instagram directly from your desktop.
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@mwender I wasn't able to post. Did it work for you?
@salmiak I was able to post. The key for me was switching on "Device Mode" while viewing the site in "Developer Mode". I've got a screenshot in this post.
wonder how long until someone hacks a way around their no-post api with this.
@thejeremycarson hopefully this means that all the social scheduling apps (Buffer/Hootsuite/etc) will have an approved way to post to Instagram for you. It definitely makes it easier for the people trying to hack around that limitation.
@thejeremycarson Any that do so will be in violation of the Instagram TOS. Those that use the service will also be in violation and risk having their accounts suspended or banned. It also means storing your login and password on a 3rd party server with unknown security around it. Instagram has shut down others who have gone around their API. They're likely to do so with this also. Not sure I'd risk it (definitely wouldn't with a business account).
Looking to accelerate their growth even more-so, Instagram have launched core capabiities on their mobile site so it doesn't matter what device or network you are on. Perhaps we will see an Instagram Lite, similar to Messenger Lite and Facebook Lite. read about it on TechCrunch h/t @joshconstine
No DMs online? If there is, how do I see on desktop?
@allany888 There's always the Windows 10 app - can even use it to post photos if you have a device that has a built-in camera.
@rossdcurrie @allany888 the device also needs a touch screen. having a windows 10 laptop with a built-in camera isnt enough.