Are you tired of using bullet points and random characters to shove your hashtags to the bottom of your Instagram posts? We were too so we created a minimal, modern, and installable PWA to create clean line breaks for your Instagram captions. Oh and it's FREE!
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Hi everyone! My name is Jaydan Urwin and I'm a designer and developer based in Boise, ID! I noticed how annoying it was to put line breaks in your Instagram captions so I decided to do something about it. So today, I'm happy to announce the launch of Instagram Line Break and hope you enjoy it as much as I have. It is a 100% FREE installable Progressive Web App (PWA) that is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome OS, Mac OS and Linux. The best part? It's just a website so there's no download necessary! If you appreciate the project or just know someone else who would find it useful don't hesitate to share! Thanks!
What is your monetization strategy ?
@hammad_akbar not everything is about the money :)
@hammad_akbar for this product it's more of an opportunity to offer something useful to people and businesses for free. If users feel like saying thank you in their own way on social and sharing with their friends I of course would love that but I'm happy to offer it for free. Keep your eyes peeled for more products and services in the future though 😉
@hammad_akbar Yo suit, look at the app, then look at your question, no more crappy questions please
@dan_fein I did look at the product. Not sure why you are getting worked up. Hope everything is good with you. Now... With every product there is a vision to grow it eventually into something bigger. Most involve monetizing them in the beginning or eventually. Ofcourse I can see the App is absolutely free. But I wanted to know whether: -The Maker wanted to build more features at the back of it to eventually monetize. -Maybe its a free tool to provide Users value so some other product or service could be sold to them. -The developer is just doing it because he loves to create stuff. The Maker answered it fairly well. My question was fine. Most will get it. However maybe I should have elaborated it further so I wouldnt hurt feelings of some people. Calm down dude. Don't let my question upset you. Have a nice weekend.
Hey Jaydan. Can't you just write your caption in the Notes app or anywhere else, then copy and paste into Instagram?
@robmoore Great question! My current understanding is Instagram removes line breaks from the text on a post as soon as it hits their API. Which is why I made this magical little app to help out. Feel free to give it a shot and let me know how it works for you!
We have so many talented people out there and they are spending their time creating a tool to make clean Instagram line breaks? There are so many greater problems in the world that we should focus on!
@ludwig_stumpp I agree! This is just a tool I made to get around a minor inconvenience with social media marketing. Are you working on any products to solve some of the obviously bigger problems the world faces?
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