Instagram Hashtag Study

649,895 posts show where to put hashtags: caption or comment

There’s always been a lot of back and forth when it comes to the best practices of hashtags placement on Instagram: in the caption or in the first comment. And what about hidden hashtags?
The latest study shows how hashtags affect Instagram performance.
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How should you go about using your hashtags on your Instagram posts and campaigns? We partnered up with Quuu to find out. Reading this study, you'll discover: - How most brands use their Instagram hashtags to get followers - How many hashtags should brands use - If hiding hashtags in the caption or in the comment works Here are some of the findings: 📌 Brands place hashtags in the caption, but engagement is also affected by the number of hashtags and the size of your Instagram profile. 📌Posts with 27-30 hashtags do not bring peak engagement. 📌Profiles up to 100k followers have a better Reach Rate when using hashtags in the caption. 📌Profiles with more than 100k followers have a better Reach Rate when posting their hashtags in comments. Find out key insights that can strengthen your Instagram campaign strategies! Shout out to the wonderful @quuu team, @luciafontaina and @socialinsiderio team (@razvanvisan @maria_mirabela_ganta, @andrei_serbanoiu, @adinajipa)
@quuu @socialinsiderio @razvanvisan @maria_mirabela_ganta @andrei_serbanoiu @teolozan Happy to see this study live 💛 We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about this research on IG hashtags 👊
A report that deep-dives into how hashtags actually works on Instagram and ditch the rumours, hearsay, and wild guesses around hashtags placement: caption or comment.
Interesting to find out that almost all brands put the hashtags in the caption. Great work, guys 👊
Ever wondered where to place Instagram hashtags: caption or in the first comment? 🤔 This study will teach you how to use hashtags correctly and get more followers, engagement and reach! Great insights on Instagram hashtags ❤️
So happy the sleepless nights crunching the data were worth it :D