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Instagram comments, likes and followers export made simple

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Export Instagram post comments, likes or followers to csv, Excel or Google Sheets! We made Instagram giveaways at scale easy, no registration needed, stupid simple and blazingly fast🚀

  • Jennifer Shaffer
    Jennifer ShafferMarketing Specialist, Cladwell

    So easy and quick!



    Thousands of comments were quickly downloaded via Instagram Export Ninja for a giveaway - it was so easy to use and saved my company loads of time.

    Jennifer Shaffer has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Super useful for SMM agencies, espisially for Instagram contests


    Everything is alright

    I’m using Ninja couple times a week for couple months. It’s incredibly fast for mood analysis and insta-contests

    Анатолий Рогальский has used this product for one month.
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Blokh Aleksandr
Blokh AleksandrHunter@blokhchinsky · Android developer
Hey, product hunters👋 Our Ninja exports comments for you at scale, it is blazingly fast, works at scale, no breaks, 24/7👨‍💻 We're waiting for your questions, feedback and suggestions😻 Happy New Year 🎉
David A. Lindahl
David A. Lindahl@austriker27 · web dev | into design & startups
This telegram bot is awesome. I've been using it for months for a side project and I love how easy it is to throw in an IG link and then get a spreadsheet of user profiles back. Sadly though I dont have the budget for the paid tier so I will probably not use it. Possible feature idea: it picks a random winner for you based on the URL (so you dont even need the spreadsheet).
Blokh Aleksandr
Blokh AleksandrHunter@blokhchinsky · Android developer
@austriker27 Thanks for the feedback!