Instagram Expert Pack by Planable 😍

all-in-one pack that'll make you famous. and rich. or not.

Instagram is a tricky game in which the rules are constantly changing. We prepared an awesome pack to help any marketer with:

πŸ€“ Instagram Analytics

🀩 Instagram Tools

πŸ€” Instagram Questions Inspiration

🧐 Instagram Upcoming Trends

πŸ™ƒ Instagram Image Sizes

🀯 Instagram Growth Hacks

😱 Instagram Hidden Features

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Miruna Dragomir
Miruna DragomirMaker@dragomirmiruna Β· Marketing Manager @ Planable πŸ’š
After launching Planable Mobile App with Instagram Publishing, we decided to make November the all-about-Insta month. From articles to newsletters, freebies, tips&tricks, infographics and so on, we could only think and talk about Instagram. It was about time to wrap it up and make the perfect all-Instagram-marketing pack for brands and agencies. I hope it'll become your go-to folder when Instagram comes to mind.
Alin B
Alin B@sk_dub Β· Startups, b2b & growth marketing
So many changes to Insta and this guide rocks! definitely check it out if you're doing ads there or just a digital groupie so you keep up with the trends!
Vlad Calus
Vlad CalusMaker@vladcalus Β· CMO at Planable
@sk_dub totally, we built this because of our own personal need and thought many other social media geeks will need this as well ❀️
Lisa Dziuba
Lisa Dziuba@lisadziuba Β· Founder
wow! thanks for sharing all the great info!
Vlad Calus
Vlad CalusMaker@vladcalus Β· CMO at Planable
@lisadziuba glad it's useful for you 😍