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We need a links feature, instead of "link in bio".... it's 2017, you can do it Instagram.....
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@b2rhom You can link (to another user or external website) in snapchat stories now, which is an interesting compromise
@amstb1 @b2rhom They have the same feature in Instagram stories, just swipe up and you'll be taken to the link(if one has been added)
@yealeand But isn't that feature only available to brands or verified users?
Congrats @mikeyk et al... it's like a new art form blossoming. There's even native support in the Facebook newsfeed. Coverage on Techmeme.
Upvoted for the interaction design! πŸ”Ό
Well, there goes my personal project! 😯 Makes you wonder why this hadn't existed before.
This is amazing! I can't wait until it comes out πŸ™ŒπŸ»
@3raxton it's already out!