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Get better at Instagram marketing by studying competition

Knowing your way around Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms isn't just a perk anymore - it's a must. And to be at the top of your game, you need to know what your competitors are up to.

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Hey, Product Hunt. Thank you so much, Kevin, for hunting us! I’m Adina, co-founder @ is an Instagram Analytics and Facebook competitive tool which aims to deliver quality insights to brands or businesses through their social media professionals, working in agencies or companies. With you can track and analyze up to 50 Instagram profiles and run hashtags reports. Wondering what it can do for you? - See how competitive profiles have evolved over time - Get access to your competitors’ posts - Learn how to optimize your content on Instagram - See the evolution of engagement on each competitive Instagram profile - Monitor your competitors’ hashtags - Measure your Instagram efforts against your top competitors - Save time and energy with white-label reports (.pdf & .ppt format) Would love to hear your thoughts! P.S. We’re offering 50% discount for 3 months of Pro for our PH supporters with promo code: PRODUCTHUNT
Wow, this is looking great! Congrats! By the way, what is the most important insight that it can offer?
@eugenoprea thanks for your question. You can get past data from the competitive profiles, see how the profiles evolved over time, what type of campaigns were promoted, when the competitive profiles post on Instagram, what hashtags are they using - branded or non-branded. Plus, it creates tailored, white-label reports.
@adinajipa that is pure gold! Thanks for making it happen.
@eugenoprea hehe :) thanks 😃
Love Social Insider 😍 My Go to tool for getting stats about a Facebook page and now they added Instagram 👌💪
@doefler Thank you for your love & support 😍
@adinajipa You are welcome 👊
I am using their Facebook analytics tool for months now and now excited this new amazing thing. :)
@niteshmanav thank you 🙏
Huge fan of Social Insider! Was able to “spy” on my competitors and found out key 🔑 values I was looking for. Wouldn’t have known it just by looking at my competitor’s Facebook page. This is one of those tools that when you look at a Facebook page as a normal user, you’d think that it’s a top page or whatnot, but then SocialInsider gives you the real numbers behind a Facebook page, so I know exactly which post and post type performs well and lacks performance. Happy customer here!
@rgenzon thank you so much. This feedback totally worth the sleepless nights 🙏