Instagram 2019 Content Spotlight

Stats, lessons, & tactics from world’s best marketers

Brands & marketers are still struggling to find the sweet spot of engagement on Instagram. So we’ve partnered up and looked at over 100 brands in the 9 most popular industries.
Learn the main lessons, techniques, and strategies from the world’s best marketers.
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Hey Product Hunt community, I'm super excited to share this product with all of you. It's been a blast and super fun working on this report over the past few weeks and I hope you'll enjoy reading it.
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Great insights for all the content marketers that are focusing on Instagram. Some brands are really playing in another league and anybody can take a look at their strategy.
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The report looks great. Congrats!
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Niceee! Great stats and examples to use with clients when explaining why and how social media content matters 👌
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Our industry fellows are focusing all their social and content efforts on Instagram. However, everything seems to be about pushing content and trying to guess what works. That’s why we decided an in-depth analysis was much needed. So we’ve looked at all the top brands that are proving to everyone what a successful Instagram strategy looks like and showcased for everyone what it is that they do and it works.
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