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@jrjohnson I've played with this a few times on the iPhone, I've been wondering what the inspiration for InstaGame was and why you think it translates well to tvOS?
@_gordee if you think it's fun on the iPhone, you need to try it on tvOS. The initial wow factor is just seeing your own instagram photos on the big screen. It's shockingly delightful. But then the real magic of InstaGame kicks in and you can actually play a game and compete with friends. You'll want to be #1 on the leaderboard, trust me. This is really what tvOS is designed for. The TV has always been about consuming content, but with tvOS and InstaGame, now you can interact with the content. And it just so happens that the content you're interacting with happens to be your own wicked awesome Instagram pics. Boom. It's free and fun... tell your friends to check it and send us feedback. thanks Gordon!