InstaFit Workouts

A great app to get in shape and leave excuses behind 💪

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Hey, I´m Arturo, head of growth & marketing at InstaFit. We´re really looking forward to your feedback, comments and questions. Feel free to ask us anything.
@camargo_arturo I don't think you can use "Insta" to represent your app. The gradient in the logo also looks similar to that of Instagram. You might want to check out this and then this
@camargo_arturo an english version would be a nice start (Android)
@prateekkesharii @camargo_arturo Hi, thanks. We've resolved this issue with their legal team. Thanks.
@gopietz We have a version with english UI for iOS, working on the Android one. Thanks for your comment!
Does the app available in ENglish on play store ?
@jithin_n_rajiv English UI is only available on iOS for now. Thanks for the interest.
Will give it a try Great colors BTW