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#5 Product of the DayJanuary 03, 2015



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Yotam Troim@yottoy · Product, Fundbox
Missing the one feature that would truly make it Tweetdeck for Instagram: sign in with multiple accounts.
Andy Keil@alwaysunday · Product at Rodio
@yottoy Agreed.
Sean Wiese@dswiese · Hustling @portland_food_events
@yottoy and letting us comment on post
Emre TekeliogluMaker@emret · Software Developer
@yottoy @alwaysunday instafall is still under development, we've already planned this for the next version, keep following please. Regards
Emre TekeliogluMaker@emret · Software Developer
@dswiese instagram API commenting feature is not open to all applications, but we still trying to get this feature from Instagram. Keep following please. Regards
Bent Stamnes@gloom303 · Real-time Graphics Enthusiast
@emret @dswiese While I appreciate the enthusiasm, Instagram has deliberately denied this feature (as well as multiple account logins, scheduled posting etc.) for years now. I don't really see how you can be successful in this request, though nothing would make me happier than if you were :)
Joost Schuur@joostschuur · Platform Evangelist, Playmob
I read this as 'Instafail' and thought it would be about Instagram pics gone hilariously wrong.
Emre TekeliogluMaker@emret · Software Developer
@joostschuur nice idea, may be the next project :)
Kevin William DavidHunterHiring@kwdinc · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Never miss updates from your chosen user or hashtag.
Nick Drewe@nickdrewe · I build cool shit on the internet.
I like the "nearby" column. I'd be interested in being able to set this to any coordinates, not just my current location. Edit: I also love how many photos I can view at once in the user view ( I'd live to be able to browse hashtags or location searches with this density.
Emre TekeliogluMaker@emret · Software Developer
@nickdrewe thank you for your feedback. instafall is still under development, we've already planned these features for the next version, keep following please. Regards
Joe @itsjoeturner · Designer @ Discover Places
Before I sign up, can you post to Instagram with this?
@itsjoeturner from my understanding, there are no 3rd party apps that will let you actually post to instagram...yet