Turn your Twitter timeline into a personalised news site

#3 Product of the DayMarch 29, 2015
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If you're more of a reddit person than a Twitter person, there's Instacurate for reddit, too.
We tried to do this a number of years ago with TweetMag
Thanks for hunting this. Happy to answer questions and to take your suggestions on how to improve it (please note that the code is open source, so you might as well just send me a pull request ;-) ).
Nicely done.
@sleinadsanoj not mine but I found it last night and really liked the simplicity of how the news is delivered - all from people who I opted in to following. My only suggestion for it right now would be to have that Pinterest-style infinite scroll. It seems to stop at the end of that day's news. It would be nice to go back a few days, at the very least, to view things I may have missed earlier.
@davidbauer What inspired you to make this and what are your future plans with it?
@_ryangilbert It was sort of my self-imposed «graduation project» from Code Year that I did in 2012. I challenged myself to build something that was beyond my skills, hoping to acquire them as I go along. And Instacurate was the sort of product I personally wanted to have, so I went for it. What's more, curation is one aspect of journalism I'm particularly interested in and after starting a newsletter for hand-curated content (, I thought it would be interesting to try automated curation, based on signals people already gave elsewhere (by following others on Twitter). What's next for Instacurate? It's been on standby for some time – I still use it, as do others – but there has been no development recently for a lack of time. That being said, there are still a couple of features I'd like to implement, so let's see...