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#4 Product of the DaySeptember 07, 2014
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Maks Surguy
Maks Surguy@msurguy · Creator of Bootsnipp, UX Dev at NBC News
Very cool and powerful tool for developers. I've used Instacode dozens of times for creation of blog headers, posters, t-shirt graphics, wallpapers and more. There also an open source alternative by Jaume Sanchez:
Raffaele Gaito
Raffaele GaitoHunter@duplikey · Digital Entrepreneur & Blogger
@msurguy thanks for the open source alternative. I didn't knew it!
Anfotal Nutritions
Anfotal Nutritions@anfotal_nutritions
Can someone provide me the process of how can I get the Instagram snippet code for my website? Thanks. Poultry Feed Supplements