Immersive real-time swimming training to bring out your best

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Instabeat’s ultra-low profile design fits most goggles. Sensors automatically measure heart rate, stroke type, lap count, and more. The data on the app, and the instant heart rate interval provide insights for swimmers to set their goals and surpass them.
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Hind Hobeika
Hind HobeikaMaker@hind_hobeika · Entrepreneur, Athlete, Community
I am an entrepreneur, engineer, swimmer, runner, yogi, and a big advocate for healthy active lifestyle. I created Instabeat out of my own need to have a smart tool to get the most out of my 'sacred' pool time in the midst of the startup rollercoaster. We had a first version successfully crowdfunded, sold and shipped to 56 countries. This second version is the result of a tremendous amount of manufacturing mistakes, feedback from our first users, in-depth research with human factors expert, and close collaboration with over 250 swimmers in 3 continents. If you are in San Francisco please message me to go swim/yoga/run/eat :)