May the best Instagrammer win!

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A fun little hack of sorts. Nicely done.
Pretty sure I win ... Would love to see a leaderboard.
@adamevers thanks Adam. You > JT. No question. And yes, leaderboards are coming!
Thanks for the upvotes and comments! Let me know if you have any ideas, feedback, questions about InstaBattle. We're having fun with it and want to know what you think.
@socialnerdia Remove the usernames.
@socialnerdia would love to see this based on a tag, e.g. Show me two #nofilter shots and ask me to pick the one that's better, then build leaderboards based on hashtag, geo, or handle
@rgre1 we are thinking about how to do blind battles, Pepsi Challenge style. Would you prefer blind battles be the default?
@rgre1 We've removed the usernames and are testing different ways of randomizing the display of photos. Thanks for the feedback.
@grmeyer launched a leaderboard for most popular battles here
@williamchanner really appreciate that coming from DRT himself!