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Links posted to spammy PHP generated looking websites

I used the first version of this product. It must have been when it just came out. I was excited about the concept and I paid for the full list at $129.

I barely noticed any changes in my traffic so I requested the link to where my submission ended up, and what I got was an airtable link to links that I never seen or recognise as a site I would post to.

Majority of the links are PHP sites. The links seem generated and are really bad practice to SEO and link building. I really think you should be more transparent about your process and how you do link building on your home page.

I requested a refund after seeing the links. I emailed 4 times, and yet to get even a response.

Its just unacceptable and really bad support. :(

I would not recommend this service.

Tharshan has used this product for one month.
Ryan Heybourn
Ryan Heybourn@ryanheybourn · I help startups grow @useinstaaa
Hey Tharshan, I'm sorry to hear about that. The first week after launching last year was definitely a tough one and as far as I'm aware I emailed everyone who paid and/or requested a refund at that time. In no way does Instaaa submit to those types of sites now and I've made a massive amount of changes to improve the overall service. Mind getting in touch with me on our live chat? I'll help sort your refund out immediately.