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Instaaa helps you get press by promoting your startup across a curated list of websites, directories and communities. Getting started takes 60 seconds and starts at just $39.

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J.D. Lindsay
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    Links posted to spammy PHP generated looking websites

    I used the first version of this product. It must have been when it just came out. I was excited about the concept and I paid for the full list at $129.

    I barely noticed any changes in my traffic so I requested the link to where my submission ended up, and what I got was an airtable link to links that I never seen or recognise as a site I would post to.

    Majority of the links are PHP sites. The links seem generated and are really bad practice to SEO and link building. I really think you should be more transparent about your process and how you do link building on your home page.

    I requested a refund after seeing the links. I emailed 4 times, and yet to get even a response.

    Its just unacceptable and really bad support. :(

    I would not recommend this service.

    Tharshan has used this product for one month.
  • Julian Silva
    Julian SilvaFounder & CEO at Promoe

    Ideal for initial product launch


    More pricing options for early stage startups

    We used Instaaa on the initial launch of Promoe and we were impressed with the results we received by using Instaaa. We had gained over 40 upvotes on ProductHunt and had acquired over 100 new users within the first day of launching using Instaaa. We at Promoe were pleased with the service and support that we received from Instaaa that we are now planning the launch of Promoe 2.0 using Instaaa. Thank you Instaaa team!

    Julian Silva has used this product for one year.
  • Rees Vinsen
    Rees VinsenCEO of Adduco


    Pretty comprehensive spread

    Good support

    Takes PR-tasks off your hands


    Naturally hard to replicate in-house touches

    Rcmd following posts up with manual comments

    We used Instaaa v1 to generate a wee bit of buzz for our in-dev product. Of course there were outlets that we didn't want to list on so after touching base with Ryan we managed a custom distribution plan. Really good support, Ryan and team truly cared about finding the best plan for us, rather than throwing a heap of posts at a wall and seeing what sticks.

    Our results were okay considering we were promoting a pre-launch product. I'm very keen to use 2.0 here to aid our launch into market. Because my team and I are quite time-poor, filled with product-related tasks, paying Instaaa to manage PR at this stage of product is a huge help.

    If you have to pick a PR/post automation service I'd highly recommend Instaaa.

    Rees Vinsen has used this product for one month.
  • Nathan
    NathanGrowth Hacker & Serial Entrepreneur

    A good sales pitch.


    I was scammed by this company previously.

    I paid $139 previously to I was told the campaign was going ahead, my Product Hunt launch was scheduled and they had reached out to all of the Media Publications listed.

    After soon realising my Product Hunt Launch never actually went ahead I contacted Instaaa on multiple occasions to discuss why the launch didn't go ahead I was surprised to receive only "email read receipts" and 0 response from Ryan (the founder) or any other member of Instaaa staff.

    To this day I have received 0 communications and no refund.

    I would advise everyone to avoid this service.

    Nathan has used this product for one month.
  • Sandeep Mallya
    Sandeep MallyaFounder/CEO of Startup Cafe Digital



    This is a scam. Stay away!

    Just sharing my experience of Instaa here. I've not tried Instaa 2.0, but if it's anything like the product's first iteration, it's sure to be a scam!

    I bought the $39 package to promote my inbound marketing agency. Before buying the package, I asked Ryan on Twitter if it makes sense to buy this package since my startup is an agency. He assured me it does. So I went ahead and bought it.

    After about a week or so, I got an email from Ryan detailing all the submissions he had made. Most of the submissions were made on the Contact page of the listed websites or an email sent to generic email accounts. Furthermore, there were absurd submissions made to link aggregators like Digg and StumbleUpon. There were no links to any actual pages which listed my startup.

    When I reached out to Ryan to raise my concern, he told me to give a manual search on these websites to check the links. It's been close a month since that email and the only submission I see is on the "shamelessplug subreddit" on Reddit which as you may know is a place for self promotion. There were no submissions made on other subreddits and none of the websites where Ryan claimed to have made submissions seemed to carry a link to my website.

    Deeply disappointed, a total BS and complete scam. I can't believe it has so many upvotes on Product Hunt!

    Sandeep Mallya has used this product for one week.
  • Phil Bagdasarian
    Phil BagdasarianCo-Owner at



    this is a scam

    I got a package with them a few months back and all they did was put my link up on some very low quality PBNs. I emailed them about it and they completely dismissed my concern, I was even considering putting a stop payment with my credit card company but figured it wouldn't be worth the hassle.

    Phil Bagdasarian has used this product for one month.
    SESS.EMAILMaking email campaigns great again.



    Stongly Avoid

    This is at best a low level scam leeching off on gullible founders. I wish ProductHunt had a ‘downvote’ button for situations like these.

    We made a simple email service ( and purchased the 39 plan. All the sites submitted to have no relation to what our product does. Some of the sites emailed me asking me to pay $$ to publish an article about us.

    SESS.EMAIL has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    creator responsive initially


    paid money, never saw changes, or got a report

    don't use this

    J.D. Lindsay has used this product for one month.
  • Phil
    PhilI like chicken




    nothing to say

    Phil has used this product for one day.